The exterior envelope of a building is what keeps the elements out, protecting interior structures, surfaces and contents from damages, mold and rot.

Miralta's team of trained exterior technicians believe that when a structure is properly protected it should virtually NEVER experience leakage, mold or rot. The exterior finish should weather all that mother nature can muster while retaining it's beauty.

Over the past several years Miralta has been busy restoring envelopes - even on buildings that have been only recently built. A properly installed building envelope should endure and remain efficient for 30 to 50 years. We've seen and rehabilitated building envelopes on structures built 15, 10...even 5 years ago! Thousands of dollars of repairative work that should never have needed to be done.

We are certain that once Miralta's team applies it's expertise to whatever challenge is placed in front of them whether it's wood, concrete, drywall or block – the building and finishes will serve their life expectancy.





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